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☽ Jennifer-26-Texas ☽
I know exactly what you mean…

It baffles me, really…

i will never unfollow :3 lol

:D Thank you, darling! I would be sad if you did because I <3 your blog!

Spam blogs will follow one day and unfollow a couple weeks later or be reported and subsequently deleted. I’ve had several spam blogs follow me at once, and then abruptly disappear en masse.

Yeah? Perhaps, that’s what happened. Stupid spam blogs are messing with my tumblr emotions! heheh

I think some of them want follow back

That could be it! I’m probably over thinking it heh

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  1. deliciouslyydeadly said: :D Thank you so much :)
  2. mererecorder said: I post a lot, too, and I think that annoys some people. (The quantity, not the subject matter.) But F those people, too. :) Is it such a hardship to scroll past pics you don’t like and find a few you do?
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